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4 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Tea

August 29, 2014 5:07 pm

Whether you prefer a soothing green or an English breakfast with a splash of milk, tea is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed a number of different ways. Even the most experienced tea drinker may not know everything about this steaming beverage, so here are a few fascinating tea facts.

  1. The word “tea” comes from the Chinese word “t’e,” which refers to the plant from which tea leaves are sourced. It's believed that tea was first discovered in China around 2737 B.C., when emperor Shen Nong found that a few leaves fell from the tree into water that his servants were boiling.
  2. All teas, from black to green to oolong, come from the same camellia sinensis plant. Their leaves are plucked from the same bush, but the fermenting process gives them their unique styles. Interestingly enough, herbal teas do not come from this plant because they are not true “teas” at all.
  3. Tea wasn’t grown in countries outside of China until the 19th century. Today, China still supplies around 29 percent of the world’s total tea, although its residents are not the biggest consumers. The United Arab Emirates takes that title, with each individual citizen consuming an average of 14 pounds per year.
  4. Green tea is considered the healthiest of all teas, and some even call it a “superfood.” Studies show that regularly drinking green tea may prevent against heart disease, certain forms of cancer, and diabetes!

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Twisted Elm: Craft Beer and Comfort Food

August 20, 2014 4:03 pm

Head to this popular spot to chill out in a rustic, relaxed setting with an artisan brewed beer and a flavorful meal. Sidle up to the bar and kick back with one of their rotating roster of craft beers like Flying Dog Mango Habanero IPA, Troegs Nugget Nectar, Allagash White or Bolero Snort Blackhorn.

The menu features tasty gastro-pub fare with pasta and handmade pizzas baked in a wood fired oven, along with flavorful appetizers and sandwiches. Order up classic pub fare like Fish & Chips, Lamb Shepherd’s Pie and a House Chili Crock with spicy jack cheese. Other options include Pan Roasted French Chicken Breast, New England Baked Scrod, Denver Sliced Steak and Mustard Horseradish Crusted Salmon.

Twisted Elm is open every day, with brunch served on Sundays.

Twisted Elm
435 River Drive
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
(201) 791-3705

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Kick Back and Relax With These Summertime Mocktails

August 13, 2014 4:02 pm

If you prefer a drink that’s light on the alcohol but still big on taste, there are a number of tasty summertime mocktails that will cool you down on a hot day. Forgoing the gin, vodka, or Prosecco doesn’t make these delicious drinks any less perfect, and they even look just as pretty as the real things. Here are three warm weather mocktails that are perfect for sipping by the pool.

Pear Sparkler
This sparkling beverage goes down smoothly and tastes sweet, but it also offers warm, hearty undertones more commonly found in autumn recipes. Pear juice is a unique alternative to the usual fruit juices found in most cocktails, and adding fresh herbs, ginger, honey, and lemon juice creates an even more complex flavor.

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito
When it comes to mocktails, many people prefer to take a tried-and-true cocktail recipe and simply remove the alcohol. This virgin mojito contains the same roughly torn mint leaves as the original rum-filled version, but it incorporates grapefruit soda and pieces of fresh grapefruit to give it a taste that’s all its own.

Mango Lassi
If you feel left out from icy summer cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris, you’ll adore this cold Mango Lassi. Fresh, juicy mango is blended with ice to create a sweet base, while buttermilk, honey, and cardamom add a warm, rich taste. For even more flavor, top with toasted pistachios.

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