Easy Ways to Get More Exercise Every Day

No matter how busy your schedule, it's important to make time for physical activity every day. Here are some smart, time-efficient ways that you can squeeze more exercise into your daily routine — sometimes without even realizing it!

  1. Start with five minutes. Everyone has five minutes to spare, even on the busiest workdays. Take five to walk around the block, do a few jumping jacks, or even drop down and do a short yoga sequence.
  2. Make the most of your favorite shows. If you have a television show that you wait for each week, multitask by working out as you watch. Do some pushups and crunches during commercial breaks, or head to the gym and watch right from the treadmill.
  3. Change up your commute. Instead of driving or taking the subway, try walking or biking to work.
  4. Work out with a coworker. If you and a coworker plan on working out together on your lunch breaks — or even taking a weekly meeting out for a walk — you can squeeze in exercise even as you work.
  5. Bring the whole family. If your kids are standing between you and your fitness routine, make them a part of it! Go for a jog with the stroller, bring the little ones on a bike ride, or become members at a family-friendly gym.

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Heading for a Beach Getaway? Read These Packing Tips!

If you’re planning an upcoming beach vacation, you’re likely dreaming of the sun and the surf and not thinking too much about what to pack beforehand. A vacation is meant to be relaxing and free of stress, so use these tips to make the packing process a breeze.

  1. Bring breathable clothing. Even if jeans are your go-to staples at home, they won’t do you much good at the beach. Forgo these heavier items in favor of shorts, swimsuits, and cover-ups made of cool, loose fabrics.
  2. Don't forget the sunscreen. Be sure to pack sunscreen beforehand instead of telling yourself that you’ll buy it once you get there. You likely already know about the harmful effects of UV rays, but forgetting sunscreen even for one day can leave you with a nasty sunburn that will ruin your whole trip. If you’re traveling by plane, you can even invest in some sunscreen towelettes that will comply with the airline’s liquid restrictions.
  3. Pack beach-friendly electronics. Sure, the beach is a great time to get away from e-mails and television, but there are a few electronics that will make your time at the beach even more fun. Portable, waterproof speakers can sync with your cell phone and provide entertainment for everyone around you. An e-reader is another great tool, as it enables you to read without packing a bulky, heavy book.

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How to Reap the Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

If you keep up with natural beauty blogs, cooking magazines, or even just browse the racks at your local grocery store, you’ve likely noticed that coconut oil is having a moment in the spotlight. This all-natural oil is positively full of different uses, and these are just a few of the best.

  1. Cooking. Coating a frying pan with coconut oil is a wonderful alternative to using fattening sprays or butters. It gives your food a slightly nutty taste, but it usually doesn’t interfere with the taste of the food itself. You can also use coconut oil to replace shortening or vegetable oil in any recipe.
  2. Lotion. Although most DIY lotions require mixing a few ingredients, coconut oil can be used all on its own. Simply massage a bit into your knees, elbows, or anywhere else that you notice dry skin.
  3. Face wash. Washing your face with coconut oil is much less drying than using a traditional store-bought product, and it helps to remove makeup with ease.
  4. Hair conditioner. Take advantage of coconut oil’s numerous moisturizing benefits by rubbing it into your scalp and hair. Let it absorb into the strands for about two hours, and then shampoo out as usual.

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Know These Three Terms Before Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Any cook knows that for a dish to turn out as intended, he or she needs to have a clear understanding of the recipe. That includes knowing the different common ways to cut and slice ingredients. Here are three terms you should know before getting started in the kitchen.

  1. Pare. Preferably done with a paring knife, to pare a fruit or vegetable means to peel the outer skin from it. Apples and potatoes are often prepared this way.
  2. Mince. You can do this with a sharp knife or kitchen scissor, just so long as you cut or chop the ingredient into very fine pieces. Mincing often applies to herbs and spices.
  3. Dice. If a recipe asked you to dice an ingredient, it means to chop it into small, uniform pieces. Chunky salsas and fruit salads often employ this action.

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Add These Two Fiber-Rich Foods to Your Diet

One of the most effective ways to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight is by adding more fiber to your diet. Men under the age of 50 should eat 38 grams of fiber each day and women should eat 25 grams, according to current dietary recommendations. If you’re not sure which foods to choose to meet this daily need, here are two surprising sources of fiber to incorporate into your diet.

  1. Apples. This old-school snack is a remarkably good source of fiber, with 4 grams per medium-sized apple. Any food that contains more than 3 grams per serving is considered a good source, so adding one to your day actually might keep the doctor away.
  2. Avocados. This creamy fruit is a super source of fiber. One medium avocado contains 14 grams, along with vitamins B, E and K. While they are high in fat, only 4 grams are saturated so you’re actually boosting your healthy fat intake.

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Popular Games for Apple Devices

There are always certain iPhone games that become crazes throughout the Apple community, and two games in particular stand out more than most. These game apps are colorful, exciting, and as anyone who plays them would agree, very addictive.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded iPhone games of the past few years, in large part because of its silly characters and addictive challenges. The game’s objective is to retrieve a group of birds’ stolen eggs, but in order to do so the player must complete a series of levels that take place in a strange world with zero gravity and dangerous Space Pigs. If it sounds very strange, that’s because it is—but it’s also very fun!

Candy Crush Saga
For fans of the classic bubble burst games, Candy Crush Saga gives the game a modern twist with a whole lot of colorful, fanciful personality. Players must navigate their way through the magical world of Candy Kingdom alongside the adorable Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. Whimsical candy graphics decorate the games numerous puzzles, which only get harder and harder as the game goes on. With more levels added every other week, Candy Crush Saga is a never-ending game that will provide hours of playing fun.

Think Beyond Pesto With These Basil-Centric Recipes

Let’s talk about basil. It’s one of the most popular herbs, but its uses are often limited to pesto, Italian pastas, and not a whole lot else. Whether you have an overgrown basil pot or you simply want to experiment with more basil-heavy dishes, there are a number of different ways to incorporate this fresh, flavorful herb into your cooking. Here are just a few exciting basil recipes.

Grilled Tuna with Basil Butter and Fresh Tomato Sauce [MyRecipes]
If your mouth is already watering at just the thought of basil butter, you’ll be even more enthralled when you find out how easy it is to make. Combined with the hearty tuna and zesty tomato sauce, this is a unique entree with basil as the main attraction.

Succotash Salad [The Kitchn]
Channel your inner Southerner with this lighter version of succotash. Corn, beans, and grape tomatoes provide some favorite summer flavors, while basil and feta cheese are the perfect accompaniments.

Apricot-and-Basil Shortbread Tart [HuffPost]
Few things are more indulgent than a freshly baked pastry, and this one has a shortbread influence that tastes rich and buttery. Roasted apricots sit atop a layer of creamy custard, and basil brings a cool flavor to this otherwise sweet treat. The finished tart looks rustic and attractive, which makes it the ideal dessert for an outdoor dinner party.

Walking Exercises for Weight Loss and Health

Walking is a relaxing, enjoyable exercise that also encourages good overall health. From preventing heart disease and high blood pressure to maintaining a healthy weight, walking offers a wide assortment of different bodily benefits. If you want to start a walking routine, these great workouts are great for people of any age or fitness level.

1. Treadmill Slimmer. This 30-minute workout is great for winter days when you can’t walk outside. With four alternating intensity phases, it will help you burn approximately 150 calories in one half hour.
2. Belly-Busting Walk. By drawing your abs in toward your spine and swinging your hips forward, you can tone your abs as you walk.
3. Megacalorie Burner. If burning calories and losing weight are your main goals, this is the workout for you. Walking at a brisk pace for 60 or more minutes will burn around 350 calories.
4. Speed Interval Walking Workout. Alternating between a moderate pace and a brisk walk throughout a 45-minute workout four times per week will help you lose approximately 23 pounds in 16 weeks.
5. Rev Energy and Brighten Your Mood. Walking for 30 minutes is proven to boost your energy by 85 percent! Next time you’re feeling down, go out for a stroll instead of sulking.

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Learn to Cook with Turnips from These Online Guides

Turnips peak in October and continue to grow throughout the fall and winter, making them a delicious but often forgotten choice for warm, hearty cold weather meal planning. These online guides will teach you how to choose the perfect turnips, give you tips for preparing them, and provide you with enough recipes to last through the season.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart is a reliable choice for many cooking needs, and her Turnip and Rutabaga Basics guide does not disappoint. Here you’ll find what to look for when purchasing a turnip at the grocery store or farmers market, as well as how to store turnips in your home kitchen. She also provides a number of turnip recipes for side dishes, breakfasts, and nutritious salads.

All Recipes
Like the name implies, you’ll find just about any recipe you can imagine on All Recipes. The site’s section of turnip recipes is vast and packed with unique options, from Creamy Turnip with Paprika Soup to Crispy Turnip ‘Fries’ that even the kids will love.

BBC Food
The popular British television network features delicious and nutritious turnip recipes on its great food website, with many dishes that you may not have even tasted here in America. Categories like main courses, snacks, and appetizers organize the recipes, and the site features tips for buying and storing turnips as well.

How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out

You really never know how a meal is prepared when you’re eating out, and even the healthiest seeming salad can be packed with fattening cheeses, heavy oils, and excessive amounts of sodium. Instead of boycotting restaurants, use these smart tips for eating healthy while eating out.

  1. Know the lingo. When navigating the menu, recognize that words like “crispy,” “au gratin,” “creamed,” or “battered” are just as bad as “deep-fried.” Instead, look for dishes that are “grilled,” “poached,” or “roasted.”
  2. Choose restaurants with healthy or light menus. If you want to make navigating the menu even easier, research which restaurant chains offer separate menus of healthier dishes.
  3. Avoid appetizers. Instead of ordering extra food before your meal even arrives, eat your healthy entree and then reevaluate to see if you’re still hungry.
  4. Ask for sauces on the side. If you order a salad with dressing or a sandwich with a creamy sauce, ask for it on the side and only use as much as you need.
  5. Ask for a to-go box with your order. If your biggest challenge is overindulging, there’s no shame in packaging a portion of your meal up before you begin eating. This will ensure that you don’t go overboard.
  6. Don’t skip dessert. No, you don’t have to pass on dessert; just opt for healthier treats like fresh fruit, sherbet, or flourless cakes.

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