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Read All About It: Nifty Ways to Reuse Old Magazines and Newspapers

July 29, 2015 4:04 pm

You love reading magazines and newspapers, but you don’t love having to throw them out after you’re done reading. Instead of tossing out your old reading materials, use these creative tips for making something new and exciting out of your favorite periodicals.

Starburst Clock [happinessisblog.com]
Use this surprisingly simple DIY project to make a gorgeous mid-century modern-inspired clock that actually works. Simply roll the pages of magazines into small tubes, string them together using sturdy twine and attach some attractive hands to the center.

Recycled Gift Bows [craftingagreenworld.com]
Instead of purchasing pre-made gift bows for birthdays or holidays, make your own out of colorful magazine or newspaper pages. Cut the paper into strips, do some crafty folding, and glue it together to create a bow that looks just like the ones from the store.

Woven Magazine Basket [niftythriftythings.com]
Weave a cute and quirky basket by folding the pages into accordion shapes and securing them with a bit of string. These can be used to hold knick knacks or brighten up an empty shelf.

Nail Art [fashionandpoise.blogspot.com]
Press old newspaper pages onto your fingernails for a unique manicure that you won’t find at the nail salon. All it takes is some nail polish, rubbing alcohol, and a few pages from an old newspaper.

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Rebecca’s Restaurant: Authentic Cuban Cuisine in Edgewater

July 22, 2015 4:43 pm

Rebecca's Restaurant has made itself a neighborhood favorite in Edgewater. This cozy, intimate spot is the perfect place for a romantic date night dinner. The menu features dishes inspired by Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. Start with one of the delicious appetizers like the Quesadilla stuffed with shrimp and chorizo. Regulars recommend the Ropa Vieja, a grilled flank steak in red wine, for your meal. The Coconut Shrimp is another popular item. End your meal with a decadent dessert like homemade bread pudding or espresso creme brulee. The service can be slow, so sit back and enjoy a leisurely meal full of flavor.

Rebecca's is a BYOB, and reservations are recommended.

Rebecca's Restaurant
236 River Rd
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 943-8808

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4 Health Benefits of Cardio Workouts

July 15, 2015 4:05 pm

People need cardio workouts in order to improve your heart’s function and keep it strong and healthy, and lucky for you, it’s actually much easier to squeeze in a cardio workout than you might expect. Here are just four great health benefits of cardio exercise.

1) It improves your heart’s health.
The most important benefit of cardiovascular exercise is the positive effect that it has on your heart. Things like running or biking make your heart pump blood at a faster rate than normal, and because your heart is one big muscle, this strengthens it even after you stop exercising.

2) It improves your mood.
Because cardiovascular exercise releases hormones that fight off stress and promote a sense of well being, you might feel happier and more energetic after working out.

3) It increases your metabolic function.
The more intense the cardio exercise, the faster it makes your metabolism function. This helps to maintain your weight or even promote weight loss.

4) It decreases recovery time.
If you hate cardio and love strength training, you might want to reconsider. Jogging or walking after performing another workout is known to quicken your recovery time, making the day after a long workout much more comfortable on your body.

5 Great Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise! [BodyBuilding.com]
The Brain-Boosting Effects of Cardiovascular Exercise [Women’s Health]
Aerobic Exercise: Top 10 Reasons to Get Physical [Mayo Clinic]

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